Getting Started

This tutorial assumes that you have Google Cloud Account with Billing Enabled in order to create the resources need for the Setup

If you have don't have the Google Cloud Account Create one by following the given link Get Started with Google Cloud Platform

Go to the Google-Console

Create the new Project by Clicking Select Project


Create the new Project by Clicking New Project


Enter a Valid name and click Create

Please note the project ID for future reference Once it is done click on the below link to clone the repository

Clone the Repository

Tick the Trust Project and click on CONFIRM , It will take few seconds to clone the repository and open the cloud shell

Next export the project id using the below command

export PROJECT_ID="project-id"

Configuring the CLI

  • Once its is Go to the IAM Section by clicking the the link and click on the service account

  • Next click on the +CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button and Enter GCP GOAT as the service account name and click on CREATE AND CONTINUE

  • Next Select the Owner as the role and click on DONE

Note in the real world its not recommended to use the owner role for the service account but for the ease of demonstration we are using the owner role

  • Now select the Keys options and click on the ADD KEY and select create new key and select type as JSON

Note : The JSON file contains the sensitive information so make sure to keep it safe

  • Next copy the data and save it in a file named credentials.json in the root directory of the cloned repository

  • Next configure the gcloud cli using the below command

gcloud auth activate-service-account --key-file /filepatth/credentials.json

Make sure to replace the filepath with the actual path of the credentials.json file Next configure the project id using the below command

gcloud config set project $PROJECT_ID

Next enable the necessary services using the below command

gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable
gcloud services enable

Once it is done navigate into the scenarios directory by executing the below command

cd scenarios